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Inspired by the Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, students and allies around the world have been striking every Friday to hold lawmakers like me accountable for the lack of effective action being taken to address climate change. For those who are unable to strike weekly, there are “deep strikes,” or strikes that are held less often but can generate a bigger turnout. Today, Sept. 20, there will be a deep strike with over 2,500 registered strikes around the world.

Today’s strike is endorsed by the Sunrise Movement, a powerful, youth-led organization dedicated to reversing the climate crisis.

The main Massachusetts strike will take place in Boston with buses transporting people from our region. A big turnout in Boston will send a strong message to lawmakers: Addressing climate change is critical to the next generation. And young people will not stop fighting until there is climate justice.

There will also be smaller rallies in cities such as Northampton and Greenfield for those who are unable to travel to Boston.

I celebrate everyone who is organizing. Standing up to call for immediate action to address the climate crisis is crucial and public pressure is what’s needed to make government work on an issue it has put off dealing with for far too long. I applaud the young leaders, as well as the seasoned activists, for continuing to fight. After all, there is no “Planet B.”

For a schedule of events in our region and for Boston information, visit Climate Action Now’s website:

Sen. Jo Comerford

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