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What follows is another update regarding the Northampton roundabout project.

As we shared on January 12, MassDOT explained that it would be conducting a public process to evaluate and address the public comments they have received about the roundabout.

We let you know at the time that we’d be writing to MassDOT for more information to send to constituents. In addition to the information below, we have requested to understand why MassDOT has withdrawn from the MEPA process, but we have not gotten an answer to that particular question.

MassDOT has recently opened a virtual public information platform which will stay open through February 17, when a virtual public meeting will occur. 

More details about the meeting will be posted on the MassDOT project webpage.

Related documents and meeting material are here. Visit the project’s virtual meeting room to get more information about the project, including downloads, presentations, and FAQs. You can submit a public comment about this project here.

We’ve pasted MassDOT’s full announcement with links below. 

We’ve also updated a blog post from July with some additional information, here.


Jo, Elena, and Sam

The following is from MassDOT: 

MassDOT would like to notify you that a virtual public informational platform will be made available on the website starting at 5 pm today, January 28th, which includes two (2) pre-recorded presentations on the project design and an update on the project’s Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act process, along with other informational boards and materials. The platform will be available for viewing until at least February 17, when a live virtual public meeting will be held for the public to attend. Comments on the project and the virtual public informational platform can also be made through the website. Links to each feature are below:

Project Webpage and access to the Public Comment Tool:

Note: you can access the public comment tool towards the bottom of the page by clicking on the icon titled “Roundabout Construction at North King Street and Hatfield Street” under the “Contact Information” section.

Public informational Platform:—unpublished?auHash=X05S5OGTx0UnoDklsy6rZsWZQsNyg_lOA0zuE99xhvo

***For reference, text of the previous emails we have sent to constituents are linked here: June 26, 2020, July 9, 2020, August 3, 2020, and January 12, 2021

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