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We’re writing again in partnership with Representative Sabadosa to share a fourth update on the archeological site in Northampton and the construction of the roundabout.***

You may have heard that MassDOT withdrew the Environmental Notification Form (ENF) they submitted to the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office (MEPA). The ENF process sets in motion a review from MEPA, which seeks to ensure that the project’s proponent has adequately analyzed the project’s environmental impacts, evaluated alternatives, and explored opportunities to mitigate impacts.

In an email that MassDOT sent in response to media inquiries, they explained that they are conducting a public process to evaluate and address the public comments they have received during this pre-construction process. Once that public process is completed, MassDOT has said they will file any needed documents and ensure all MEPA requirements are satisfied.

We have written to MassDOT asking for more detail on their public process so that we can communicate with you about current avenues for engagement.

We’re aware that there are numerous complex forces at play. We remain steadfast in our belief that concerns of Native representatives must be addressed as a prerequisite for any further advancement of this project.

We will continue to stay engaged and appreciate your interest and concern.


Jo, Elena, and Sam

***For reference, text of the previous emails we have sent to constituents are here, here, and here.

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