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Happy Valentine’s Day! 

This Valentine’s Day, I am celebrating my love and appreciation for the Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester District. There are so many reasons why our district is my valentine, it was hard to pick just six! Nevertheless, here are six of the many, many reasons why I love our district. 


Reason #1: Everyone says their valentine is the most beautiful, but have you seen our district? (

Reason #2: The best food for any day of the year (including Valentine’s Day) is grown with love on farms and offered in restaurants, meal sites, pantries, schools, and family tables in our district.

Reason #3: Our region is rich in artists and culture workers — each on a love-driven mission to show us the world as it is and create it as it ought to be.

Reason #4: Nonprofits and small businesses are the heart-beat of our district — innovating, serving, healing, helping, creating, repairing — striving together to make western Massachusetts a place where everyone can thrive.

Reason #5: Students, staff, and educators continue to shatter all manner of glass ceilings, powerfully, lovingly launching rising generations who will lead our communities, state, nation, and beyond.

Reason #6: Nothing compares to the heart, scrappiness, determination, and faith of the advocates, organizers, municipal leaders, and volunteers in our largely rural district who wake up every day to make their neighborhood and our world a better place.

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