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I’m thrilled that the first piece of legislation I filedthe Cherish Actwill have an early hearing on April 30. (I’m pictured, above, a the State House kick off of the legislation.)

Public higher education has endured a 32% per student cut over the last nearly 20 years due to the erosion of state investment.

This bill goes back to 2001 levels of state investment and holds tuition steady as current investment increases to meet these levels. Kudos to the MTA for helping to lead the organizing around this.

It’s a win-win-win-win:

1. It helps address college affordability and the student debt crisis.
2. It restores funds necessary for our public colleges and universities to remain healthy and vibrant places for a great diversity of Commonwealth students.

3. We know college degrees help open doors for young people seeking to be paid fair wages to do what they love.
4. We know local businesses and our Commonwealth’s economy demand an educated workforce–and students from public colleges are more likely to remain in the Commonwealth and invest in our communities after graduation.

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