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I was joined by Kara McElhone and Kayla Smith from the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hampshire County to discuss online privacy and safety, with a specific focus on child sexual exploitation. Read their full bios below.

Thanks to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Hampshire County for their work in raising awareness of this important and increasingly relevant issue.

Kara McElhone, Executive Director
Prior to coming to the CAC of Hampshire County, Kara spent over a decade as an educator responsible for developing and implementing numerous academic programs for children in Hatfield and Easthampton public schools. She was an active member of the CAC of Hampshire County Board of Directors before becoming the Executive Director in April 2020. Her collaborative nature and child-focused mindset compliment the team approach modeled at the CAC. Kara has lived and raised her family in Hampshire County for over twenty years.

Kayla Smith, CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) Coordinator
Kayla received her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security from Westfield State University. As the CSEC Coordinator, Kayla works with a multidisciplinary team to help victimized teens by offering the resources, referrals, and support that they need to become healthy and safe from exploitation. She also partners with law enforcement, schools, and community groups to help them recognize and respond to victims of CSEC abuse.

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