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The year has circled round again and it’s sugaring season.

So very glad to mark this season — which kicks off growing and producing in our region — at Williams Farm Sugarhouse in Deerfield. Thank you to Sandy, Chip, and the entire Williams family for your warm welcome and incredible syrup. Delighted to join great friends like Rep. Natalie Blais, MDAR Commissioner Ashley Randle, Massachusetts Maple Producers Association’s Winton Pitcoff, and more.

There is still time to get to a sugar house near you:

This year’s weather has meant an early start to the season, with many sugarmakers producing syrup as early as January. While climate change has made weather patterns more unpredictable each year, maple producers have adapted with technological improvements and new management practices that allow them to adjust to longer and earlier seasons. At the same time, high-efficiency equipment and sustainable practices mean that sugarmakers are working to have less emissions and also to carefully steward the woodlands that are an essential part of climate change mitigation.

Massachusetts ranks in the top 10 maple producing states in the US, as each year more than 300 sugarmakers produce more than 70,000 gallons of syrup.

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