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As the Commonwealth begins to reopen, we discussed the nature and realities of essential work and the essential workforce with:

  • Marleny Amaya, Chef and Restaurant Worker at the Haymarket Cafe and Member Leader at the Pioneer Valley Worker Center.
  • Amabilia who works on a farm in Western Massachusetts.  She is originally from Guatemala and now lives in Springfield.  
  • Danielle Smith, Registered Nurse, Cooley Dickinson Hospital and a member of the Massachusetts Nurses Association.
  • Clare Hammonds, Professor of Practice, UMass Amherst Labor Center where she conducts and supports applied research and the labor education program. Since arriving at the Labor Center in 2013, Hammonds has worked with a wide variety of labor unions and worker organizations in the Pioneer Valley and around the state, with a particular focus on improving the conditions of low-wage workers in the food system. Hammonds also currently serves as the Labor Center Graduate Program Director.
  • Jasmine Kerrissey, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Labor Studies, UMass Amherst. Her research examines work, labor movements, and inequalities. Since coming to UMass in 2012, she has been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses on labor history and the sociology of work.
  • Alison Rosenblatt and Margaret Sawyer, translation.

Professors Hammonds’ and Kerrissey’s research can be found in the UMass Labor Center Working Paper Series at:

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