State revenue has been steadily declining for years due to state policy decisions. Between 1977 and 2015, Massachusetts reduced taxes more than all but two other states. What’s more, our state and local taxes are “upside down.” On average, Massachusetts households in the top 20 percent of incomes contribute a lower percentage of their income in state and local taxes than those with low or moderate incomes.


I know I’m not alone in our region in viewing taxes as an investment in our shared services, infrastructure, and our common welfare.


When our commonwealth generates less money in revenue, we’re more vulnerable to federal fluctuations. We also risk an austerity budgeting posture where we have less and less money to spend on critical things like education, our veterans, clean water, roads, and so much more.


Please take a moment to look at the revenue bills I filed this session which appear below.

  • S.1819: An Act Providing federal and state budget information to residents of the commonwealth
  • H.2424: An Act to strengthen the foundation of the Commonwealth
  • H.2552: An Act establishing local options for generating affordable housing monies

Please click the buttons below to see the revenue bills I co-sponsored and to learn more about H.2552 which proposes a luxury property excise tax.

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