Please take a moment to look at the I have filed this session to support veterans.

You can also view all bills I’ve co-sponsored this session here.

Filed bills

Keep Veterans’ Services Local
An Act providing for timely reimbursement of cities and towns for veterans’ benefits

Local veterans’ service officers provide critical, often life-saving resources to veterans living in communities across the Commonwealth. My bill directs the state Department of Veterans’ Services to more quickly reimburse municipalities, so that municipalities can more easily support veterans and not be financially burdened awaiting reimbursement.

» Sen. Comerford & Rep. Blais Testimony on S.2311/H.3488

Recognize Veterans’ Public Service
An Act extending veterans retirement buyback opportunities

Many veterans continue their public service by going into teaching or other public employment. We should count all instances where veterans have served the public when we consider their retirement benefits. My bill increases the number of years spent working in public service that veterans can apply to their retirement credit from four years to ten years and increases the credit for national guard or active reserve service.

» Sen. Comerford Testimony on S.1626

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