Farming is intrinsic to the Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester district.

There are local farms and farmers in every city and town and we have some of the richest soil in the nation.

As much as our region values local produce, meat, and dairy, we know that our farmers often struggle financially. It is nearly impossible for them to compete with the big agribusinesses that benefit from larger scale, lower pay, and notoriously lower environmental standards. Yet our farmers and farms persist, season after season.

I firmly believe “No farms, No food.” It’s as simple (and as profound) as that. When farms and farmers thrive, everyone thrives.

Please take a moment to look at the farm-related bills I have filed and co-sponsored this session, which appear in the tabs below.

Filed bills

Filed bills

Co-sponsored bills

Co-sponsored bills

  • SD.2429: An Act establishing an interagency PFAS task force
  • H.145: An Act relative to an agricultural healthy incentives program
  • S.301: An Act establishing farm to school grants to promote healthy eating and strengthen the agricultural economy
  • S.447: An Act empowering towns and cities to protect residents and the environment from harmful pesticides
  • S.463: An Act protecting pollinators by eliminating harmful products
  • S.469: An Act relative to agricultural disaster relief
  • S.482: An Act Regarding a Farmland Protection and Viability Action Plan
  • S.528: An Act encouraging the use of renewable energy on agricultural land
  • S.1129: An Act relative to the growth of hemp
  • H.1856: An Act relative to agricultural commission input on board of health regulations
  • H.2631: An Act relative to expanding agricultural land

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