Health care must be a right of all residents. Our fragmented system is costly, inequitable, and often does not provide optimal care.


Please take a moment to look at the health care bills I filed this session which appear below.

  • S.28: An Act allowing spouses to serve as caregivers
  • S.555: An Act relative to the continuity of care of mental health treatment
  • S.556: An Act authorizing telemedicine services
  • S.667: An Act improving access to dental care in the Commonwealth
  • S.668: An Act supporting equal access to community care for elders and the disabled
  • S.1219: An Act prohibiting non-consensual pelvic examinations
  • S.1220: An Act advancing health equity
  • S.1221: An Act expanding care for medically underserved areas of the Commonwealth
  • S.1222: An Act relative to the board of registration in naturopathy
  • H.1717: An Act advancing public health and safety using fentanyl testing strips
  • H.3313: An Act allowing narcotics testing products

Just as important, please click the button below to see the health care bills I co-sponsored, which include Medicare For All and bills to control drug prices and invest in public health.

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