If you are writing to get help from our office, to ask a question, or to schedule a meeting with Jo, please find the tab for the appropriate form below.

Our state senate team works to ensure the resources, expertise, and services available across state government are accessible to all residents in our district’s cities and towns. We are available to help you navigate state processes and to advocate for you with colleagues at state agencies. While we cannot compel a state agency to make a particular decision, we do work to ensure that your inquiry is understood, that you receive a timely and fair response, and that agencies take appropriate actions to address your concerns.

Click here to read information about some of the constituent services our office offers as well as information needed from you in order to assist.

Please read the following before completing the Constituent Services Request Form:

» Please be sure to enter your email address accurately; inaccurate email address entry may lead to delays in our team receiving and responding to your submission.

» If you’re seeking assistance with a federal or municipal government issue, please contact your federal or municipal representatives. You can find information for your United States Congressperson here and your United States Senators here. You can view the websites for each of the cities and towns in our district here.

» If you’re seeking legal counsel or representation, please contact Community Legal Aid, our region’s civil legal aid service.

» In order to assist, our office must hear directly from the affected constituents. Please do not request assistance on behalf of someone other than yourself.

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While responsiveness and accountability to constituents are top priorities for our team, please keep in mind that our office receives hundreds of emails each day.

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