A society should be judged by how we treat our elders yet a recent study by the University of Massachusetts measured the Elder Economic Security index, which is essentially the resources that elders require in order to age in place and meet their individual needs. Sixty-one percent of elderly individuals in Massachusetts live below the index cut-off line for minimum required resources. That means their income doesn’t allow them to age in place independently while meeting basic needs. In fact, because of our relatively high cost of living, Massachusetts is the second worst state in the nation for elder economic security, second only to Mississippi.


Please take a moment to look at the elder-focused bills I filed this session which appear below.

  • S.28: An Act allow spouses to serve as caregivers
  • S.668: An Act supporting equal access to community care for elders and the disabled
  • S.1614: An Act improving the earned income credit for working families

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