An informed and engaged electorate.


Transparency and accountability within public institutions.


Ridding our elections of corrosive big money and reigning in corporations.


Preventing public officials from engaging in sexual harassment or assault.


These are some of the necessary building blocks of a healthy democracy. I have filed bills to make our government, both in Washington, D.C. and right here in Massachusetts, more transparent and to promote greater political participation. I also practice these important values by explaining my votes and budget amendments on social media, and by ensuring that the Committees I Chair operate in an open and transparent fashion. Our democracy works best when everyone can participate.


Please take a moment to look at the democracy and transparency bills I filed this session which appear below.


  • S.393: An Act limiting political spending by foreign-influenced corporations
  • S.394: An Act relative to political contributions
  • S.871: An Act prohibiting the use of public funds to pay awards, fines, or settlements in cases where public officials are found responsible or guilty of sexual harassment or assault
  • S.1054: An Act identifying corporate irresponsibility
  • S.1819: An Act Providing federal and state budget information to residents of the Commonwealth

Just as important, please click the button below to see the democracy and transparency bills I co-sponsored.

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